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Everyone at Mekanic has a strong point of view and we invite you to pick our brains. When we experience something in life that either directly or abstractly relates to branding – we try to get it out here. This isn’t a page where we’ll churn out content to convey our same perspective in different ways. Instead, we’ll share sporadic perspectives to make you think critically and creatively.

The Invest/Divest See-Saw

Written by Erik Hansen     I can’t speak for every entrepreneur or CEO, but I can speak to my 20 years of experience and those whom I...

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Do You Outsource?

Written by Alex Jimenez     Outsourcing models are not revolutionary. Organizations have been outsourcing essential functions and roles for decades, and in most organizations, there is always...

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The Decision-Making Conundrum

Written by Alex Jimenez   One of the great challenges leaders encounter is a lack of decision making across their teams. You will always have people in...

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