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We welcome crazy talent and bold voices – but we check our egos at the door to collaborate effectively, create efficiently, and establish camaraderie.

At our D.C. area branding agency, we apply the same co-creation philosophy to ourselves as we do with our clients. We all bring unique skills to the table and enjoy an enviable degree of latitude – while also collaborating daily to deliver authentic value to our clients’ communities through strategy, brand positioning, storytelling, design, and experiences.


At Mekanic, we thoroughly assess and observe our clients’ environments, investigate areas of question and curiosity, and map possibilities to innovate our way to the best branding solutions humbly. We are addicted to each new brand challenge that surfaces, and we unlock puzzles together. With team members hailing from the U.S. to Canada, Trinidad, and Spain, we bring diverse experiences, perspectives, and cultural histories to the table that shape our work and allow us to learn from one other every day.


The work that we do is important, as we contribute to the livelihood of businesses that serve communities. We develop our own team with precision and care – welcoming and investing in multi-faceted professionals who believe in a mission larger than themselves and their position.


If you are on board with Mekanic’s purpose and promise, we can’t wait to hear from you. Please introduce yourself through email at and attach your resume and link to your online portfolio, even if we don’t display a position that exactly matches your experience.

Alexandria, Virginia


Graphic Design (Production Designer)

Position: Full-time

A Production Designer for Mekanic is responsible for understanding the tactical needs of our clients to successfully implement a rebrand initiative, marketing campaign, and/or launch across a wide range of touchpoints, channels, and legacy tools of the business. The Production Designer will be informed throughout the lifecycle of a project, serving as the critical team member for both the client and Mekanic to successfully deliver a brand system to market. The Production Designer will report directly to the Design Director.


The Production Designer will support the delivery of a wide range of design assets for Mekanic’s clients and may also support business development activities with portfolio examples and other relevant materials. They are expected to be task-driven, and they’re also expected to have keen attention to detail and the constraints within various programs our clients will use in operationalizing brand and campaign systems. This individual will commit time and energy to keep up to date with the evolving tools and techniques developing in the marketplace.


Essential Responsibilities:

  • Talent to ascertain client needs, goals, and vision through existing collateral, workshops, and independent research.
  • Ability to translate final approved branding creative direction into actionable, usable, and template design tools.
  • Ability to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that design solutions are driven by brand strategy and that each deliverable meets both the quality standards of Mekanic and the strategic objectives of the client.
  • Routinely develops engaging layouts and collaborates with the project team to provide print/digital-ready deliverables that excite and engage the client and prospects.
  • Demonstrates efficiency in managing multiple projects and deadlines concurrently.
  • Communicating on project process and managing expectations with internal teams and clients on a regular basis.
  • Produces consistently excellent visual work.
  • Confidence to be bold in their work and push the boundaries of their knowledge and skills.


Core Tasks:

  • Responsible for the creation and deployment of case studies and portfolio pieces across different mediums.
    • Creating mockups in Photoshop and using other online tools.
    • Formatting, uploading, and publishing to WordPress website.
    • Creating Social assets for marketing and promotions.
  • Responsible for creating client style guides based on creative and design assets developed in branding engagements.
    • Creation, organization, and delivery of brand templates to clients.
    • Knowledge and understanding of creating custom templates in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and Google Suite.
  • Responsible for creating, organizing, and delivering brand source files.
    • Knowledge and experience in delivering print- or digital-ready assets.
  • Responsible for creating and executing print and digital assets for conferences and events.
    • Experience working with print vendors is preferred.
  • Creation of optimized Social Media assets for various platforms.


Core Competencies:

  • Enthusiasm – Exhibits passion and excitement for their work. Routinely brings a can-do attitude to the table.
  • Teamwork – Reaches out to peers and cooperates with supervisors to establish a best-in-class collaborative work environment.
  • Organization & Planning – Plans and organizes schedules and budgets in an efficient manner.
  • Persistence – Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to get something done.
  • Communication – Speaks and provides updates in a clear, consistent manner.
  • Attention to detail – Does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project.
  • Proactivity – Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to their daily tasks.
  • Work ethic – Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done.


Job Knowledge and Skills:

  • Minimum three years of experience with Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Strong experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Demonstrated experience designing with Microsoft and Google Suite products.
  • Experience and understanding of color and typography and related print/digital constraints.
  • Basic understanding of WordPress and HTML.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of traditional design trends and techniques.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of current interactive design trends and techniques.
  • Strong understanding of print production setup and printing oversight, as well as working with print vendors.
  • Ability to work with technology and grasp new concepts quickly.


Education and Experience:

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience in design
  • Strong portfolio of work
  • University degree preferred but not required

Like what you have learned about Mekanic? Please introduce yourself and attach your resume and link to your online portfolio. We’d love to hear from you even if we don’t display a position that exactly matches your experience.