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Your brand is your business’s first impression. From strategic management consulting to brand messaging and full-scale graphic design to digital marketing solutions, we create comprehensive brand systems and award-winning creative campaigns that increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and engage brand ambassadors. Every project we touch is rooted in qualitative data—reflecting your brand’s culture and audience’s needs—so each deliverable can drive measurable ROI. Whether it’s your logo, website design, tagline, or brand narrative, we’re here to help you present your brand authentically and effectively.

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Great communities are built on shared ideals and collective efforts. The same is true with brands. We include our client teams in a unique process we call Brand Kamp so that they can co-create and own their brand with confidence. During Kamp, we work together to translate our client’s vision and value into a cohesive brand system with impactful storytelling, a powerful visual identity, user-centered web design, and activation campaigns. By building brands that are informed by market research and audience insights, and continually working towards defined milestones, our clients enjoy a high level of trust in the process and have a lot of fun along the way.

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Whether you are growing your team, in need of major web development, introducing a new product, or undergoing a merger or acquisition – Mekanic has your back to provide sound brand solutions that align with your business trajectory and community culture. We’ve learned that when clients come to us, it’s because they are undergoing a critical inflection point in their business lifecycle. Call us when you need a new direction or a boost in the right one to achieve new growth goals and meet your community’s needs.


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