Our Brand Kamps

At Mekanic, we believe all community-centric businesses deserve high-performing brands. We launched our agency to offer just that – delivering cohesive brand systems through our unique process that is rooted in strategy, momentum, and co-creation. Our partnership approach is designed to engage and delight our client teams while maximizing their time and resources. We host live workshops, co-create brand messaging, and embrace rapid concepting and refining practices so we can build brands that are ready for activation within a few months. Our Kamp experience will empower your team to manage your brand with pride and assurance from day one. In partnership, we’ll boost your brand’s positioning, visual identity, and performance.

The Difference



Leveraging business strategy and market research to steer creative solutions.


Co-creating with inclusive partnerships, defined milestones, and audience insights.


Delivering comprehensive brand systems in concentrated timeframes.

Startup & Product Launch

Startup & Product Launch Kamp is designed to help you cultivate a unique differentiator in the market for a new business idea, product or service, or business division. In partnership, we will help elevate your position, extend your reach, and activate your audiences through value creation. Our facilitators will help your team think creatively and critically to generate high-potential ideas. From there, we’ll introduce your final contender to the market with a cohesive system that engages audiences with compelling brand messaging, visual identity, marketing strategies, and memorable customer experiences.

Organizational Transformation

If your business has reached a critical inflection point in its lifecycle, Organizational Transformation Kamp will help you adopt change and activate a brand promise that will reshape its future. In partnership, we will develop a brand strategy framework to influence your business trajectory and help you gain new market share, explore product innovation, identify new revenue streams, pursue partner opportunities, and build a culture of brand champions. Mekanic will develop a comprehensive brand system that includes the design of an impactful visual identity, creation of thoughtful copywriting, development of community engagement opportunities, and the delivery of first-in-class web solutions that drive action.

Associations & Nonprofits

Using our deep experience serving associations and nonprofits, we designed this Kamp to help your organization build a brand that advances your organization’s mission and authentically mirrors your community culture by presenting a meaningful story and image. Mekanic works closely with your team to develop solutions that align with your KPIs such as revenue, recruitment, retention, perception, and engagement. By completing a thorough brand analysis and market research, we will determine the best way to capture your audiences and use insights from your organization’s community to drive our creative process – including storytelling techniques, digital marketing strategies, and graphic design treatments.

Experiences & Campaigns

From conferences to creative campaigns and pop-up experiences, this Kamp will help your organization create organic buzz, attract new audiences, and delight your current brand consumers. Our team provides a comprehensive marketing strategy and necessary creative assets to bring an extraordinary brand experience to life or campaign to market that makes a powerful impression and elevates the reputation of your organization. With insights from market research, we’ll tap into human behavior patterns to develop solutions that touch people emotionally, deliver unexpected experiences, and offer meaningful avenues for brand interaction.

Retainer Support

Retainer Support typically occurs as an extension of another Kamp. Far beyond the launch of a branding project, Mekanic will work closely with your team to add capacity and ensure the sustainability of your marketing and communication efforts. In partnership, we’ll create a customized and detailed schedule of needs, which will ensure our effective use of time and resources. From graphic design to copywriting to social media strategy and everything in between – Mekanic stays at an arm’s length to provide you with the right support.