Our Packaged Solutions

At Mekanic, we believe all community-centric businesses deserve high-performing brands, and we use our unique process that is rooted in strategy, momentum, and co-creation to deliver cohesive brand systems that drive meaningful results. We have designed a partnership approach to delight participants and maximize time and resources. By leveraging live workshops, co-created content, and rapid prototyping – we can build brands that are ready for activation within a few months. We believe the fiercest brands are owned with pride and assurance by their internal teams from day one. Our Kamp packages deliver just that! In partnership, we’ll boost your brand’s positioning, presentation, and performance.

The Difference



Leveraging business strategy and market research to steer creative solutions.


Co-creating with inclusive partnerships, defined milestones, and audience insights.


Delivering comprehensive brand systems in concentrated timeframes.

Launch Kamp

Launch Kamp is designed to help a sole proprietor launch a new business concept swiftly and successfully with sound strategy and a cohesive brand presence. Over the course of just a few weeks, owners will receive a foundational business plan, core messaging, logo and identity system, multiple branded marketing tools, and a brochure website. To develop high-performing and authentic brand systems in such a concentrated window of time, this Kamp requires the Mekanic team and business owners to meet regularly in order to fully leverage the power of co-creation and facilitate rapid prototyping.

Ideation Kamp

Ideation Kamp is designed to help business and organizations explore and strategize opportunities to advance their purpose, extend their reach, activate their audiences and elevate their brand. This Kamp is solutions-oriented and delivered in a workshop environment. Our lead facilitators use techniques to help teams think creatively and critically so that high-potential ideas are generated. After the workshop, Mekanic strategists compile the findings and conduct complementary market research to produce an Insights Report – a tool that allows the team to make informed decisions about how to best move forward with brand and marketing initiatives.

Venture Kamp

Venture Kamp is designed to help entrepreneurs define, evolve and cultivate a unique differentiator for their business brand. This Kamp delivers a collaborative experience as clients and key stakeholders actively participate with Mekanic to co-create and build their brand from the inside-out. The result is an elevated position in the market that engages audiences with a compelling brand story, visual brand language, marketing strategies and memorable customer experiences. Venture Kamp ensures that the client maintains momentum and has a strategic trajectory to accomplish a myriad of business goals such as revenue growth, talent recruitment and retention, expanded audience awareness and improved customer loyalty.

Transformation Kamp

Transformation Kamp is perfect for businesses that have reached critical inflection points in their lifecycle. Using a holistic approach, we will help an established business to readily adopt change and activate a promise in the market that will reshape the brand’s future. The outcome is a transformed brand that will influence business trajectory and accelerate goals to gain new market share, explore product innovation, identify new revenue streams, pursue partner opportunities and build a culture of brand champions to advance the vision of the company. This Kamp delivers a deep immersive experience and positions Mekanic to operate as an extension of the internal team – working closely with executives, staff and partners to reimagine, redefine and refuel the brand.

Association Kamp

Association Kamp is designed to help associations and nonprofit organizations define and cultivate their unique position in the market, build a sustainable brand strategy and deliver a turnkey implementation solution. Association Kamp delivers a deep immersive experience and positions Mekanic to operate as an extension of the internal team – working closely with executives, staff and partners to reimagine, redefine and refuel the brand. Our team of strategists and creatives at Mekanic will build solutions that align with organizational KPIs such as revenue, recruitment, retention, perception and engagement. The result is a one-of-a-kind integrated brand system that advances the mission, activates audiences and strengthens an existing community of brand champions.

Conference Kamp

Conference Kamp is designed to help organizations define, develop, and design their live event brand with a unified identity, voice and attendee experience. Whether launching a debut event or reimagining an existing one, we dig in deep to understand organizational goals and work in partnership to build an extraordinary brand experience that makes a powerful impression in the market. Across all touch points and channels, Mekanic provides the comprehensive strategy and necessary creative assets to build a buzzworthy event brand that will excite audiences, engage participants and elevate the reputation of the organization.

Base Kamp

Base Kamp typically occurs as an extension of another Kamp. Far beyond the launch of a branding project, Mekanic works closely with clients to add capacity and ensure the success of their marketing and communication efforts. A customized and detailed schedule of needs and deliverables is developed and managed with the client to ensure the effective use of time and resources. From additional design work to copywriting, and creative campaign development to social media strategy – Mekanic stays at an arm’s length to provide the right support.

Campaign Kamp

Campaign Kamp enables targeted growth for organizations by captivating audiences with stories, experiences, and opportunities that can’t be overlooked. Campaigns generated in this Kamp are designed to achieve many objectives – from creating organic buzz to influencing brand influencers to unveiling fresh products to activating new audiences and beyond. Campaign Kamp pushes boundaries and moves organizations past the traditional worlds of weekly e-blasts, tri-fold brochures, and postcard mailers. We tap into human behavior patterns, developing campaign solutions that touch people emotionally, deliver unexpected experiences, and offer fun avenues for brand interaction. With insights from market research, we move our clients away from assumption-making to truly understand who their audiences are, where and how they spend their time, and what drives their behaviors. Armed with this information, the Mekanic team works collaboratively with clients to turn budgets into action plans that lay out the steps for a comprehensive campaign to take shape and take flight.