Sutton Snipes

Sutton Snipes is a law firm dedicated to fighting for US veterans to help them receive the benefits they’ve earned. We were honored to support Sutton Snipes—an incredible mission-driven organization—advocate for veteran needs by helping veterans navigate the complicated Veterans Affairs appeals process from initial denial to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. Sutton Snipes engaged Mekanic at one of the company’s key inflection points to develop a research-based core brand messaging framework, audience-specific brand narratives, an evolved visual identity system, and a website redesign with evolved content strategy.

The discovery process revealed the intricacies of how Sutton Snipes aids American veterans in receiving the benefits they earned through their service. Mekanic worked with the Sutton Snipes team to give them a new brand identity, including rethinking their logo and typefaces. Their formerly single-page site is now a multi-page, visually captivating central hub providing direction and information to those needing their services. 


The Mekanic team looks forward to working alongside current and future nonprofit clients at the intersection of purpose and design as we enable, evolve, and elevate their brands to help them achieve their inspiring goals. Thanks to Sutton Snipes’ collaboration with Mekanic on brand and website development, thousands of veterans will find resolution and receive the benefits they earned. Our work with Sutton Snipes helped us learn more about the US military personnel who dedicate their lives to serving our country. For that, we are forever grateful.