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Elevate Your Business with Creative Branding Design

Creative Branding Expresses Your Values to Achieve Your Goals

Is your brand system living up to its potential? 


Are the touch points and experiences that your brand offers consistent? Are the pieces in sync?


Your organization wasn’t built overnight, and your brand shouldn’t be either. Our creative process is a partnership that helps us learn your organization—your priorities, your culture, and your values—so that your creative branding design truly expresses who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

We think of our clients as partners for that reason. Logo design, marketing collateral, and product and packaging design that isn’t built on thorough discovery won’t pass the authenticity test.

What resonates with audiences? When you share your core values consistently, your audience can see how your values shine through in your products, services, and experiences.

Visuals are the face of your brand. They should show off your core values and brand personality in a way that your audience understands and remembers.

Our design team understands the delicate balance between designing to break the mold and designing to accomplish strategic objectives. We work with you to meet both goals simultaneously.

Own the impression you make with visual identity design and creative solutions rooted in an authentic story.

Innovative Branding Design Drives Strategy and Sales

At Mekanic, we help you express your organization in the way that you want to be seen. Beyond our design craft, we are strategists and true partners shaping the future of your organization with design and brand storytelling that brings you closer to your audience.

  • Custom Logo Design

    If your logo is your brand’s first impression, is it conveying the right message? Through careful craft and process guided by decades of experience, our award-winning creatives can begin to find the new symbol that will introduce your organization to the world. We research thoroughly and come up with a solution that reflects your culture. We design systems that resonate with audiences and can scale for the future. Logo creation takes time, research, and insight. It takes an outsider’s eye and a careful hand.
  • Marketing Collateral

    Whether you have an in-house design team that can independently manage a new brand system, or you are looking to extend the bandwidth of your creative marketing team, we can offer a new path forward. Our creatives design custom templates so that you can generate campaigns that stand out for any occasion and offer consistency across branded touchpoints. From business cards to brochures and pitch decks, we can help you create effective marketing collateral that helps you reach your goals and create efficiencies for your internal team.
  • Product + Merchandise Design

    When there are too many choices on a store shelf, what makes your product jump out in the mind of a tired, distracted customer? Let’s unravel that question together. We want to understand how your audience makes decisions, solves problems, and justifies their actions. Their instincts are our creative inspiration. Already sketching and working on your vision board? Bring us your best ideas, and we’ll bring an outsider’s perspective and human-centered design thinking approach, from packaging to promotion and display. We’ll create that new look you’ve been searching for—one that will help your brand break through the clutter and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Events + Environmental Design

    New products need to attract attention to succeed. We can help you fine-tune every element of design to create alluring events that showcase your brand’s purpose and highlight your value to potential customers. Our environmental design brings your products to life, creating relatable surroundings that help your audiences feel at home and understood. Let’s envision the route together.
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Design Your Brand to Stand Out from the Crowd

We want to create something that’s more than eye-catching. We’re here to make it meaningful to the people who belong to your community. When you put your colors, patterns, typography, and graphics front and center, it should be the culture of your brand that shines through. Let’s get started.  

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