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We Believe Brand is Business

You know your brand has tremendous value to offer, but who knows it outside of your inner circle?

Every aspect of your organization impacts your brand. Each experience your members, clients, and staff have with your organization, and every decision you make for the future contributes to how your audiences and stakeholders perceive your brand now.

That’s why great brands go after what they want—fearlessly articulating what they stand for and how they can help. Their customers know who they are, why they are valuable, and what to expect from them.

Proven messages and consistent experiences establish the trust that keeps your clients, members and partners coming back.

You need a brand story that authentically communicates your brand value and helps your audiences see themselves in the story. You need to empower the people who already believe in your brand’s value to echo that story.

Qualitative, Human-Centered Research

We focus on what’s authentic and ownable—not the buzzwords and hype that won’t build lasting relationships.

With qualitative research, we help you build the architecture behind a strong, functional, and adaptive brand story. Together, we develop brand messaging that’s focused on the value you already deliver. 


Can you brave the turbulent waters of word selection, naming conventions, and core messaging on your own? Maybe it’s been a project on the back-burner.


At Mekanic, we make sense of it with you. We try to embody your audiences and communities to understand what they need, what you’re all about, and how you can bridge that gap with your brand story.


Together we craft a brand messaging strategy that connects you with customers on an emotional level. We bring your team into the mix so you walk away with a message that resonates with internal stakeholders, so everyone is on the same page, and they each feel inspired to advocate for your brand.


We preach to reach.

We Handle Every Aspect of Your Brand Messaging

To build a brand message, we start at the ground level and adopt your vernacular, voice, and vision.


Think about your current core message or brand story. 


Does your audience buy it? Have they even heard it? Can you repeat it succinctly?


Whether you are preparing to set your brand up for success through a new strategic initiative, campaign, product launch, or you need to redefine completely how you deliver value, we can help you get there with a stronger story that articulates your why.


Let’s dig in together.

Brand Naming

Are you looking for the perfect name to kickstart your new brand, rename your existing brand, or launch a new product? 


The brand naming process requires plenty of creativity, a healthy dose of skepticism, and a patient, long-term vision. We’re here to help you find a name that makes a lasting impression and supports your brand’s unique aspirations.


Does the name roll off the tongue? Is it memorable? Does it fit with the brand family? What about your organization’s culture?


We help you generate ideas and consider the minefield of strategic perspectives and pitfalls that every brand name must navigate to be a contender. 

Tagline Development

A tagline is the in-a-nutshell version of your brand message. 


In an instant, you can project your brand’s purpose, promise, and culture. Draw people in with your why. Round out the story of your logo and name.


Our creative wordsmiths will work with you to bring this snapshot of your core message to life.


Storytelling helps your audience find something human and relatable in your brand. It gives them a narrative in which they can see themselves, their individual challenges, fears, and risks. It helps them see the value your brand offers to help overcome those challenges. 


When your audience can see themselves in the story—or better yet—insert you into their own story, you’re moving beyond the features and benefits of your product and wading into the more authentic, ownable, and memorable territory of brand value.

Audience Narratives

Our audience narratives take the cold hard facts and turn them into living, breathing, relatable personas. 


We help you to understand the motivations and desires that drive your customers so you can reach out to them with a relatable story and useful resources.

Marketing Messages

Want to reach out to your customers? We help you craft and plan a messaging strategy that builds on trust and efficacy you’ve already earned from your audience.


We balance the appropriate tone with messages that cut through clutter and bring your audiences closer to the actions you want them to take. 


Our writers and designers collaborate to ensure every aspect of language, visuals, and experiences are in sync.

Sales Copywriting

The last thing you want is for your clients to feel like you’re forcing your products and services down their throat. 


Skillful sales copy accurately conveys to your customers that you understand their problems, and you are the right choice to help solve them.


Let’s brainstorm together to give them the answers they need. 

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Are You Ready to Take Your Brand to Another Next Level?

Together we craft compelling, memorable, and universal brand messaging. Mekanic can act as the extension of your team, a collaborative partner, or take the lead in launching a new phase of your marketing game.

Let’s talk about what your brand story needs next.

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