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Brand Research Is Key to Brand Success

Unlock Your Brand’s Full Potential with Mekanic

How do you gather feedback about your brand’s performance? Who do you listen to? How are you acting on what you learn?

Our comprehensive, qualitative research and brand analysis searches for the untapped potential within your organization and reveals new avenues for success. When you have the data to back up your instincts, you’re in a better position to do something about it.

Mekanic’s brand research approach helps you uncover what’s working, what needs improvement, and figure out how you stack up against the current trends and other brands in your space. We help you imagine a different path forward.

Research to Inform a Solid Brand Strategy

Your brand benefits enormously from a qualitative discovery process that reveals potential weaknesses and identifies ways to capitalize on your strengths. We harness the voices of your audiences, so we can help you speak their language and understand how they make decisions.

We can discover how to best position yourself in your competitive industry by: 

Our full range of services explores every aspect of your brand to get you the answers you need and identify the questions you didn’t know to ask.

Brand Performance Measurement

Brand performance measurement establishes a baseline. We get to know how your brand is doing now, so we can measure its improvement in the future. 


We can help you figure out how well audiences recognize your brand, how they interact with it, and if they feel something’s missing from your offering.


Once we set this baseline, our brand transformation process helps you increase your brand performance, eliminate obstacles, and reach new strategic goals.

Brand System Audit

Tracking studies help to answer important questions with regard to your brand’s current performance.


We uncover important issues like: 

Armed with this knowledge, we can work together to align your efforts with your aims. 

Marketing + Communications Audit

What are you saying to your customers? Many of our clients just don’t know anymore. 


Maybe you’re feeling pressure to speak in buzzwords to attract audience attention, but we know that your brand has more value to offer beneath the surface.


If you feel like you’ve been repeating yourself, or if the same information just isn’t getting through, Mekanic can help. 


With a fresh set of eyes and decades of experience helping clients in getting their brand messages across, we can help you tell a story that inspires your audience to see you differently.

Presentations + Sales Enablement Tools Audit

Does your sales team have the tools and targets they need to be successful when the opportunity presents itself? We’ll help you map out the pitch so you can lead with value, not features and benefits that are forgettable without context.


We help you enhance your sales process to attract new clients or members. 


By understanding the problems and risks you are helping your audience solve, we can empower your team to provide a more nuanced and successful solution. 

Competitor Analysis

Your business doesn’t need to go head to head–it needs to stand out. 


We bring you the details about who your real competitors are, what they’re up to, and how you can create an ownable and differentiated brand through design and messaging. 


Maybe they’re not direct competitors—maybe they are just trying to solve your audiences’ pain points in a different way. But, if they are taking up your audience’s attention, we want to understand how you can earn that attention with an authentic and ownable position.


Let’s identify opportunities for your brand to excel unchallenged.

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Ready to Find the Future of Your Brand?

It all begins with a conversation about your strategic goals. 

By engaging with you, your key stakeholders, and partners, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s holding your brand back and establish a starting point for brand research. 

Are you ready? Let’s find a time to talk.

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