Bringing More To The Table

School Nutrition Association (SNA) is a national, nonprofit professional organization representing 50,000 members who provide high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the country. SNA engaged Mekanic to deliver ongoing comprehensive marketing solutions to position SNA as the industry leader in uniting school nutrition professionals. From collaborative ideation workshops and developing a strategic campaign framework through implementation with Sidecar support, Mekanic worked side-by-side with SNA to empower and support school nutrition professionals.


In addition to working with Mekanic for an onboarding and campaign framework and Sidecar support, SNA partnered with Mekanic on an engagement video campaign: Bring More to the Table. Our video reframed the minimalist view of the traditional “Lunch Lady” persona with an empowering human-centric approach. We chose video as the medium for refining and conveying SNA’s story to increase engagement and add value to SNA based on what matters to SNA’s audience.

Mekanic worked with SNA to provide onsite video production and digital campaign assets to showcase SNA’s impact on advancing school meal programs’ accessibility, quality, and integrity. Mekanic dove deep into actor and video choices—looking for the right tone, expression, intent, and energy. After writing and casting, Mekanic’s photographer and videographer took the helm, filming and putting together an industry-lifting video to showcase school nutrition professionals as much more than just “the lunch lady.” Our video debuted at SNA’s 2022 Annual National Conference as part of an impact wall with a video hub. Mekanic designed “the wings” selfie wall where members accessed the video with a QR code. Our creative video engaged audiences with authentic stories that helped build affinity, ambassadors, and action to drive recruitment and interest in the school nutrition profession with new and existing audiences.



Mekanic’s Sidecar support marketing, communication, and engagement efforts provided the perfect partnership for SNA. School nutrition professionals are versatile and hardworking team members whose priority is maintaining the well-being of every student in their lives with nutritious food in their cafeterias, making sure kids have enough to eat so they can focus on success. We were delighted to help SNA’s voice resonate with students, parents, educators, and the general public. From graphic design to copywriting, social media to in-person, and HTML to video animations, Mekanic expanded SNA’s bandwidth to help increase awareness, engagement, and affinity with SNA.