Expertise Beyond Expectations

Renner & Company is a respected CPA firm based in our hometown of Alexandria, where it has been actively engaged in giving back to our nonprofit community while serving a wide range of nonprofit clients, businesses, and individuals over the last four decades. While the firm itself is thriving, the leadership team was eager to attract emerging talent that can support its future leadership pipeline and refresh its storytelling, visual identity, and online experience to reflect the expert services they provide.


Our rebrand discovery process involved a cross-functional team of current and future leaders from the firm, as well as many past and present clients. By including the firm’s less experienced staffers, who represent the firm’s future, we were able to better understand how they wanted to be portrayed in their new branding approach.


Through storytelling, we emphasized Renner’s flexible, client-centric approach that can scale up or down to meet changing needs, meticulous attention to the complexity of accounting services, and dedication to fluent communication with clients to help them make more efficient and better-informed decisions. We highlighted their deep-rooted connections and ongoing service to the Alexandria community.


These themes translated into the company’s visual identity, too. We explored how organic shapes could reflect the complexity of their work with a natural order that signals new possibilities for growth. A calming teal green blends together the trusted legacy hues of blue and the profitability and energy of green. We explored several custom typeface options and designed a type system that is the ideal blend of solid and approachable–it embodies both the decades of service and indicates a new generation of ideas and leadership emerging.


The new web experience emphasizes clearer storytelling, thought leadership, and a more visually engaging representation of the Renner client experience. With the web visitor in mind, a sleek and responsive site was developed that will guide them to their destination and through the buy-in process without frustration or additional stops along the way. The goal and successful result is intuitive and efficient.


Overall, Renner & Company approached Mekanic for help in spotlighting what they do and hope to do in the future. This encompasses an audience that includes the public as well as their current and potential brand thought leaders. The overall rebrand looked at the company story and public-facing image, including their website, and brought to it thoughtful elements that evoke this company’s deep connection to its customers and the community it calls home.