Credibility. Contribution. Care.

The Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) engaged Mekanic to help identify and prioritize key branding and messaging concepts to drive and optimize its position in the cancer care ecosystem and inspire nurses to choose certification. Together, ONCC and Mekanic created a unified and empathetic brand that spotlights the importance and significance of certification to ensure the competency of oncology nurses at the forefront of health and safety in our communities. 


Mekanic collaboratively developed a magnetic, visionary campaign strategy built for today’s world using emotive storytelling, multi-channel communications, and the unveiling of the ONCC rebrand. Mekanic leveraged in-person events, traditional communication, and digital channels to reach the audience critical to the successful adoption and championing of ONCC. From roll-out messaging, email, and digital communication to social media implementation, Mekanic delivered the solutions and framework for a successful rebrand launch.


Mekanic continues to work with ONCC with Retainer support to create weekly and monthly priorities, detailed project plans, and a customized schedule of assets. We provide design, copy, illustrations, animation, and more to deliver creative solutions that parallel ONCC’s trajectory.