NIGP FORUM Event Branding (2019-present)

Client Description

NIGP FORUM is the only grand-scale conference in North America that unites, inspires, and empowers all public procurement professionals. Each year, FORUM engages over 1,500 attendees representing the full range of public sector procurement departments, as well as a diverse spectrum of suppliers who enable community growth.


Past events were dependent on location-specific photography which lacked the visual storytelling of the event. Additionally, marketing assets felt disconnected from the overall brand presenting a challenge around building brand awareness for the association and member engagement.

Key Findings

During our discovery process, most stakeholders interviewed said the best part of FORUM (and why they return) is the people. There was an ongoing theme around arriving excited and leaving united. Many also noted this is where they build their professional tribe of people to lean on both professionally and personally — you leave with friends for life.


We aimed to back up the value of “connecting with people” with the measurable outcomes that an agency’s procurement department will experience by sending their staff to FORUM.


Strategy Highlights
Our goal was to build a brand to showcase that NIGP’s FORUM is visionary, progressive, inclusive, and a breeding ground for rewarding partnerships. We wanted to ensure the event brand:

  • Was connected visually to the NIGP brand
  • Did not rely on the location as part of the “theme” for any year
  • Lived beyond the singular moment
  • Had legs year-over-year

Creative Solutions
In 2019, we developed a campaign building off of the “FOR” in FORUM to apply a 3-line top-line message that communicates a triple-layer value system to align with NIGP’s new brand pillars: FOR Us, FOR Our Agencies, FOR the Greater Good.


  • Starting with the “FOR Us” line puts emphasis on the power of people and including the word “Us” conveys an inclusive environment that offers a family feel and delivers authentic, meaningful value through peer-to-peer learning.


  • “FOR Our Agencies” conveys how attendees gain relevant, actionable learning at FORUM and apply this knowledge at work to drive results and improve their agency’s performance.


  • “FOR the Greater Good” conveys the purpose that fuels public procurement work and unites its professionals: to purchase high-quality products and services at the best prices for the greater good, and provide the highest return on investment for taxpayers.


75th Anniversary
In addition to the above, 2020 celebrated NIGP’s 75th Anniversary which we highlighted at that year’s FORUM, as well, with special diamond anniversary assets.


NIGP FORUM 2020: A momentous year for celebrating


FOR 75 Years: Take part in NIGP Forum’s Diamond Anniversary to inspire our purpose, ignite our community, and celebrate our work.

2021: Optimistic Strategy

For 2021, we are embracing and building around the challenges of a virtual FORUM event. We introduced a much brighter color palette to evoke energy and a sense of optimism. Because FORUM is mainly about networking and sharing ideas amongst peers, we developed this idea of strategy through the use of X’s and O’s. This allows us the ability to create a variety of colorful, engaging branding and marketing assets to excite their audiences.