Mandarin Skin Plus

Introducing a New Healthcare Product

Introducing a New Healthcare Product

We built a brand to stand out as an ideal alternative in a sea of competing products. As the Vancouver-based natural product company, Taitlabs, prepared to bring its first product to market, it knew the uphill climb to gaining brand recognition and sales was going to be a steep one. MS+ (Mandarin Skin Pus) was emerging as a natural alternative to the many synthetic digestive aids that consumers had been using for decades. As a natural product backed with scientific credibility, consumers would need to perceive MS+ as a product that is just as effective as the old standbys, while also being the ideal choice due to its purity in clean ingredients. In addition, marketing and advertising campaigns for competing products were well-funded by parent brand companies worth billions.


With millions of North Americans suffering from the chronic to mild digestive ailments that MS+ treats, the opportunity for consumption was wide while the window for exposure was narrow. We profiled the archetypes of the types of consumers that would be attracted to the product and developed an integrated brand system, new e-commerce website, packaging design and marketing strategy to appeal to those audiences. We interviewed pharmacists and natural health product consultants to glean insights that shaped a suite of branded assets targeting these advocates – including ads, promotional literature, trade show/exhibit systems and store display materials. With a host of funding needs, avenues for sales, and diverse pathways to organizational growth, we also provide ongoing business strategy – so Taitlabs can succeed as a startup company and continue to provide value to consumers with the introduction of future products. As the Agency of Record for Taitlabs, we are ever-committed to the success of this rising company.

“For the past five years, Erik has been a strategic partner and business advisor for Taitlabs – working side-by-side with me to bring my passion for science and wellness to life. Our team has been thrilled to expand this relationship in 2015 and hire Mekanic to launch our first consumer product, MS+ (Mandarin Skin Plus), and bring a revolutionary natural health product to market. Things move very fast in the world of product launches and Mekanic keeps a swift pace to turn out adjusted identity design, advertisements, presentations, exhibitor materials, packaging design – you name it! As a brand established in Vancouver, we find Mekanic’s knowledge of both the Canadian and US markets extremely valuable to our venture. We are proud to have them as our agency of record and with all the challenges and excitement that comes along with a startup, knowing their team serves as a friend and partner (beyond just a vendor) has been truly invaluable.”

Andrew Tait, Founder & CEO