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Business Operations and Strategic Consulting Services

Develop a Culture of Excellence

Behind every strong brand is a team of super-efficient, highly motivated people. Is this how you would describe your crew?


If not, what’s holding them back?


At Mekanic, we aim to help you evolve to achieve organizational success at every level. We find solutions for today’s problems while keeping your focus firmly on the future.

We don’t just make suggestions—we help you unlock new solutions. 

Your team can learn to work, change course, and excel on their own. We’ll show them how, or we’ll become an extension of your team. 

Need a lift?

Business Transformation Consulting

In a world where nothing stays the same for long, your business needs to move with agility. 


We can help you adjust and transform to the changes in your environment quickly, while limiting distractions and keeping your team focused on the big picture.

Visioning and Strategic Planning

Upgrading your existing systems will help you better meet today’s challenges head-on. 


When you’ve reached an inflection point in which your existing business model is no able to meet your strategic goals, you need expert help. Our experienced team will help you to reconsider your business model from a fresh, contemporary, and objective perspective. 


Our leaders bring decades of experience advising organizations on how to prepare for and pivot through these challenges. With fresh eyes, we can help you reimagine the way you’ve always operated and find ways to grow in a new direction.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Business process re-engineering goes hand-in-hand with major changes in your business model or operations.


We can show you how to accomplish tasks, make decisions more efficiently, and achieve goals faster at every level of your organization. 


Whether your organization needs to introduce new technologies or tighten up loopholes in your chain of command, it’s time to build a stronger foundation.


We’ll find out how you can increase production, improve efficiency, and decrease costs across the board.

Leadership Coaching and Training

If there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with change it is resistance to change. We tend to be creatures of habit and your team may find transformation unsettling. 


We can smooth the process with effective communication, efficient re-organization, documented training tools, and support for your team. 


By monitoring and managing the process, and helping your team find a new daily purpose that makes them feel connected to the organization’s greater purpose, we can establish a smarter path toward your goals and ensure your team feels empowered in their new processes.

Change Management

Changing your business strategy is always a mammoth task, so we help you break it down into bite-sized, planned-out pieces. 


Using your existing strategy as a starting point, we’ll work together to create constructive changes that align with your new goals. Everything is mapped out, documented, and finalized before we recommend any lasting changes in your organization.


Then, we work together with your team to clearly define your new course and ensure things stay on track going forward. Training helps get and keep everyone on board with the new processes and maintain consistency in outputs.

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Business Development Planning

When you’re ready to launch the start of a new product, campaign, or major initiative— or simply move away from what you’ve always done, you need a rock-solid plan to ensure success. Get our team of experts on board to help you identify and explore new avenues for growth. We’ll guide you every step of the way from analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to setting up a budget and putting your plans in action. We’ve helped many businesses expand their horizons by considering new opportunities for growth, or improved strategies for doing more with what is already there. Will you be next? Let’s work together towards new possibilities for your business.

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