The Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) engaged Mekanic for support in creating a robust programmatic marketing ecosystem to support MAIA’s engagement goals. From prototyping to member training and social media assets to creative campaigns, we deployed user-centered design philosophy that drives measurable results and creates excitement. Together we created a strategic framework to explore how to maximize the value and meaning of the MAIA brand, the key varieties such as Evercrisp, target audiences, the big picture visioning, and a roadmap of actionable and measurable campaign ideas and tactics.


With our ongoing Retainer support package, designed to be rightsized for MAIA and to scale with success, Mekanic works closely with the MAIA team to add capacity and ensure the sustainability of MAIA’s marketing, communication, and engagement efforts to deepen affiliation with the MAIA member growers and the customers they serve. In partnership with the MAIA team, we created a detailed project plan and a customized schedule of needs to ensure our effective and efficient use of time and effort in meeting deadlines and milestones.