Klein Integrative

Klein Integrative creates individual treatment plans and employs integrative physical therapy techniques to help patients of all ages and backgrounds find relief from acute pain, chronic pain, trauma, decreased function, and discomfort. Klein Integrative collaborated with Mekanic to rebrand and build a comprehensive, easy-to-use, magnetic web presence that pulls together people, business, experience, innovation, and progress. Through our collaborative efforts and data-driven research, Total Health Physical Therapy transformed into Klein Integrative. The new moniker is personal and differentiated for clarity and distinction in the marketplace.

Together, we developed a research-based brand platform that outlined Klein Integrative’s brand position, uncovered the future potential of its narrative, described the overall brand platform, outlined customer engagement opportunities, and mapped out the future state of Klein Integrative’s digital ecosystem and website. Mekanic collaborated with Klein Integrative to create a comprehensive brand framework complete with the brand’s foundational voice and visual elements. Mekanic co-created design assets such as strategy roadmaps, licensed typefaces, creative templates, and other relevant project files. We compiled storytelling and design elements into a brand guideline with rules, specifications, use cases, and standards for the implementation and application of the brand across a wide range of organizational touchpoints and channels. The cumulation of our work was a custom WordPress website to better position Klein Integrative for corporate growth, increased recognition with target audience segments, and value delivery to its members.