Future Me

NRECA is the national service organization that represents America’s electric cooperatives. NRECA empowers people to improve their quality of life by providing access to safe, reliable, affordable electricity. NRECA members furnish electric or related services to predominately rural areas. NRECA partnered with Mekanic to rebrand its Well-being Program and to create a FutureMe Promotional video campaign.


Our strategists extensively researched the current status and performance of the NRECA Well-being Program brand. By leveraging user-friendly online survey tools, we involve a broad group of stakeholders and audience members to understand the current needs and perceptions of the NRECA Well-being Program brand. Our collaborative workshops established a unified vision of the path forward that can be adopted, implemented, and championed with success.


As a result of our collaborative efforts, we delivered a comprehensive brand framework, brand vernacular, and brand assets and templates that brought the NRECA Well-being Program brand to market. We collaborated with NRECA’s team to create an editorial guide, brand storytelling, brand identity guidelines, and design assets such as strategy roadmaps, licensed typefaces, imagery, icons, textures, operational templates, creative templates, and other relevant project files. Mekanic also partnered with NRECA on their FutureMe Promotional video campaign. With an award-winning Creative Director and leading videographers at the helm, Mekanic provided a visual story to unveil the rebrand of NRECA’s Well-being to its constituents in an impactful and emotive way.