American Association for Respiratory Care

Breathing new life into Respiratory Care’s premiere association.



Since 1943, the American Association of Respiratory Care has been the professional home for respiratory therapists working in the US and abroad. At the dawn of a “New Era of AARC,” they approached Mekanic seeking to reimagine their brand, messaging, and footprint in both the digital and physical landscapes. The ultimate hope was to elevate AARC’s market position, revitalize its visual identity, and reaffirm its brand promise.



Working closely with the AARC staff and membership, our goal was to weave together a narrative of collaboration and inclusivity – central to the new AARC brand – and illustrate their commitment to shaping the future of respiratory care as a unified community. By integrating diverse viewpoints in the rebranding process, the Mekanic team was able to craft a brand that truly represented AARC’s vision, values, and the collective aspirations of its profession.


Extensive research and discovery work was followed by the development of new meaningful messaging and inspiring brand design. Both the new design and messaging were brought together to create the reimagined AARC website – a sleek, robust site that contained all AARC’s content offerings and a large library of resources for respiratory care professionals.



Unveiled at AARC’s Annual Congress in November 2023, the new brand was unanimously praised by the larger membership. Additionally, AARC saw a 25% increase in web traffic and a doubling of engagement across its social media channels, denoting an increased desire to interact with the brand.