From Homeless to Home

Inspirica, the only organization providing comprehensive services to better the Fairfield County community through the end of housing insecurity, first engaged Mekanic to improve brand recognition in the community by creating and growing relationships with local media. Employing a range of systematic approaches to design, marketing, and storytelling, Mekanic crafted a successful media relations strategy. Our co-created solutions are welcoming, intuitive, modern, streamlined— and a seamless experience for the people Inspirica serves while providing a manageable and accessible brand system and user-friendly framework for Inspirica to manage and scale.


Mekanic continues to support Inspirica with website design and development to evolve its online presence in the market— ensuring it reflects Inspirica’s mission and helps deliver the resources that better constituent’s life journey in the pursuit of Home. Through this engagement, we develop cohesive, integrated digital experiences that blend brand with business and design through a remarkable device-agnostic web experience. Working together, our teams leverage human-centered design principles, research methodologies, and core analytics to develop successful web systems that deliver measurable results and reflect the needs of Inspirica’s clients, staff, volunteers, and donors.