Vicinity Manufacturing is a software company that partners with formula-based manufacturers such as breweries, food producers, pharmaceutical labs, and more. Vicinity engaged Mekanic to build out a cohesive brand system that was compatible with the audiences they wanted to serve in different industries and that represented the ease of use that their software offers. The sales team needed new marketing collateral that addressed potential customers’ pain points in these unique industries.


After listening to internal and external stakeholders, we started thinking about how to represent the parent brand as a resource that can take formula manufacturing challenges and funnel them down to precise solutions fit for specific target audiences.


We created a flagship logo lockup for the software company. The logomark for the parent brand depicts a funnel  shape that represents the first letter of the organization’s name and a check mark—a symbol for completion or approval.


Then, we designed sub-brand identities to represent the three business verticals: Vicinity Brew, Vicinity Food, and Vicinity Chem.


Using the funnel as visual inspiration in each facet of the brand architecture, we created a unified visual suite of marks. We sourced close-up images that convey the textural quality of formulas to show the wide range of formulas that Vicinity’s software can support. We played up each sub-brand’s color palette to help audiences distinguish each sub-brand.


The Vicinity Manufacturing parent brand adopted a new tagline: “Complex Formulas. Simple Solutions.” It conveys the flagship product’s ease of use and is broad enough to make sense for each audience within unique verticals. The brand’s new messaging also addresses each audience’s unique challenges and needs, positioning Vicinity as the go-to software solution for their formula.