SuperFd Rebrand

SuperFd is a performance nutrition catering partner dedicated to high-quality, sustainably sourced food for professional sports teams and communities. From the Washington Nationals to the LA Kings, SuperFd uses locally sourced ingredients to pack meals with flavor and fuel for the multiple professional sports franchises they serve. They also take pride in supporting and educating their neighbors in the DC area on the importance of healthy eating habits.


Sometimes “nutritional eating” doesn’t immediately make you think of delicious food, so Mekanic designed a brand system inspired by the idea that healthy food can be vibrant and satisfying without sacrificing taste. We updated the existing SuperFd brand mark to a cleaner, two-dimensional design and paired it with the byline “Flavor. Quality. Good.”


We incorporated black backdrops to highlight the natural colors of fresh, healthy ingredients. Large, bold typography emphasizes the nutrition-packed meals and commands attention. We selected a color palette inspired by the legacy of SuperFd’s DC roots, sustainable practices, and the spectrum of nourishing ingredients. We directed photoshoots using a high-contrast style evoking the competitive edge of professional sports, making the food the star of the show.