Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators

We built a brand that makes room for the next generation of leadership and legacy.


The Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators has been home to the niche profession of radiation oncology administrators since the early 1980s. SROA’s members are based in a wide range of hospital and practice settings, with responsibilities ranging from organizational operations, financial management, technology acquisitions, and human resources. SROA’s network and member resources are critical to one’s success in the profession. With a visual identity also dating back to the 1980s, SROA engaged Mekanic to update its brand ecosystem, so that the Society can continue to attract younger members of the profession, and provide them with mentorship, resources, and opportunities to be successful in their roles.


Through the Brand Kamp process, Mekanic learned about the responsibilities and challenges of radiation oncology administration, which require radiation oncology administrators to problem solve efficiently and cost-effectively. Their network at SROA provides critical access to professional counterparts in other parts of the country who have navigated similar challenges that are often unique to this specialty. Mekanic developed new core brand messaging frameworks and audience-specific story tracks that address department executives who decide to invest in professional development resources, seasoned radiation oncology administrators who are eager to stay current and mentor others, and newcomers who need resources and connections to get up to speed. A refreshed blue color palette evokes the healthcare space with a calming quality. Clean, rounded letterforms are crisp, but inviting, and balance the “O” in the acronym, which is represented as an orb with small blue dots radiating outward from negative space—a nod to the technology behind radiation oncology. Brand touchpoints and marketing collateral also incorporate the blue dots to lend additional texture and cohesion throughout the brand system.