From Haus to Home

From Haus to Home

We built a brand to welcome an authentic, global community of sports enthusiasts. When the Soccerhaus team approached Mekanic, their grand opening was months on the horizon. A board of adult soccer players and fans joined forces to invest in the launch of a modernized indoor sports facility that would accommodate all levels of play, for all ages and all backgrounds. The facility is located in Colorado Springs, CO – a 4-season city that many distinct audiences call home, including professional athletes, military, college students, families and Spanish-speaking communities. It is clear that one passion unites these audiences year-round: soccer.


The community needed a safe, well-maintained space to compete, learn, view and socialize. Soccerhaus promised to deliver just that with a large, welcoming facility that would provide the best in fields, leagues, games, gear, coaching, youth programs, televised global events and a restaurant/grill. We traveled to Colorado to partner with the players who co-own Soccerhaus in order to better understand their individual stories as well as their shared brand wish list. This trip – set in the heart of the community where the facility would launch – was essential to understanding both the brand vision and the market need that was driving the investment in this business launch. Insights gained shaped the messaging, visual identity and marketing strategy that would propel the business forward to opening day and beyond.

“Six months prior to launching a state-of-the-art indoor soccer and sports facility, we knew it had to be represented by a state-of-the-art brand. As a family-operated corporation with many board members invested in its success, we were attracted to Mekanic’s Kamp model – which promotes in-person engagement to co-create a brand. This was the only (best way) way we could see our brand come to life – with everyone contributing equally and knowing their value. Our workshop with Mekanic was fun, insightful and reminded us why we started our venture in the first place. We didn’t just focus on the look and voice of the brand. We concentrated heavily on the brand experience and what our audiences gain from Soccerhaus. Within a few days following our workshop, Mekanic delivered a first look at the brand to evaluate. It was magically right on target and made us thankful that we carved out the time to come together as a team!”

Brett Riding, COO