Kim Goff-Crews

The Intersection of Self and School

The Intersection of Self and School

We built a brand to position a strategically position a higher education thought leader. As a seasoned student affairs executive, Kim had a unique background and was experienced in different ways of thinking and achieving. When she approached Mekanic, she did so with a vision that would provide advantages for her home institution (Yale University), as well as stimulate and enrich the higher education industry at large. To attain this vision with the collective energy and efforts of others, Kim needed to launch a long-term strategic communication plan and personal brand identity to expand her reach to new audiences and cement her reputation as a multi-faceted, credible, and innovative leader.


We worked with Kim to identify four core areas of focus that related to her responsibilities at Yale, the institution’s brand, and her personal interests. We also mapped and prioritized her audiences and developed a flexible communications plan to engage with each group – one that would evolve over time. Kim’s brand strategy shaped the development of her tagline, messaging, visual identity, website design and social media presence. We continue to work with Kim to monitor and modify her communications outreach, and adjust and refine her brand positioning as the strategic focus areas of Yale evolve over time.

“When I was introduced to Mekanic through a good friend and former client of theirs, I was looking to positively impact the environment on my campus and in higher education long term. Mekanic worked with me to hone my vision, strengths, and opportunities – while at the same time developing a rich understanding of my institution’s culture. No stones were left unturned in our partnership. Of great value to me was the time they invested to collect and analyze feedback from key stakeholders in my network, providing me with priceless external insights into my leadership. Mekanic continues to be a pivotal partner in the development of long term communication initiatives intended to change the learning landscape and enhance educational communities.”

Kimberly Goff-Crews, Secretary and Vice President for Student Life, Yale University