International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology

The International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) has members from all over the world who work in academic, industry, service provider, and regulatory settings. With a 25-year-old logo mark, ISPE was ready to embrace a new visual identity that represents the growing importance of the field, and the influence it has on global public health. During our transformation Brand Kamp, Mekanic conducted in-person interviews with ISPE members during its annual conference.  While there, Mekanic gained insight into members’ perceived value of the Society, which is that ISPE is a non-commercial, non-competitive setting where members can collaborate and provide each other with valuable feedback on research while making connections that last throughout their careers. Mekanic learned that ISPE is valued among its community for its scientific excellence and its collegial atmosphere. To represent the diverse set of perspectives in ISPE’s membership, Mekanic designers created a unique pattern of stacked color bars. The design encapsulates the importance of methods and research, as it includes a single bar emerging from the pattern—symbolic of new insights or outliers that stand out from larger sets of data. To set ISPE apart from other organizations in the biomedical field using the same acronym, Mekanic refreshed ISPE’s core band messaging and gave the Society a new tagline, which speaks to its position as the go-to community pharmacoepidemiology professionals and students.