Dynamic Communities, Inc.

From Understated to Elevated

From Understated to Elevated

We built a brand to support an organization’s emergence from the shadows to the spotlight. For many years, Dynamic Communities, Inc. has existed as a business management organization that exclusively supports User Groups catering to users of Microsoft Dynamics products. Each User Group operates as a membership association, with thousands of active members who convene to exchange knowledge, source solutions and network. As Dynamic Communities operates in the background to provide key business administration, the robust member engagement existing within each of the User Groups is truly volunteer-driven. With real value and member affinity tied to the User Groups, emphasis had been placed on developing these brands, while intentionally keeping the Dynamic Communities brand understated.


As businesses mature, change is necessary. The Dynamic Communities staff had become experts in providing business management to rapidly grow the Microsoft User Groups, and the organization had earned an international reputation as the leader in the development and advancement of technology-centric user groups.  Other software brands wanted to partner up, and Dynamic Communities needed to elevate its brand identity and story to convey its leadership position.


It was critical to take a strategic and calculated approach with this brand evolution in order to heighten the awareness and perception of Dynamic Communities, while not overpowering the User Group brands and creating disenchantment among their members. We dug in to identify and understand brand impressions of staff, volunteer leaders, members at large, industry partners, Microsoft and prospective clients. A comprehensive brand strategy shaped new core brand messaging, visual identities and website experiences for Dynamic Communities and each of the User Groups. Now, as Dynamic Communities signs on to launch and manage new User Groups, there are systems and structures in place to approach brand development.

“After discovering Mekanic through the ASAE community, our experience has been nothing but positive. Our team really appreciated Mekanic’s defined approach to design and messaging and the fact that they do not create anything without committing to strategy first – this is extremely assuring for a membership organization like ours… From strategy to design and messaging to marketing, we were so pleased with the work provided for our conference that we did not hesitate to expand our relationship and make Mekanic our Agency of Record. Now all of our brand extensions will receive the Mekanic touch and shine with purpose, meaning and awesome design!”

Missy Heilman, Director of Marketing