Engaging the Community

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced local businesses to close or restrict capacity, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce also faced the challenge of driving sponsorship revenue without any in-person networking events. The Chamber ALX enlisted Mekanic’s help designing an Alexandria-themed board game customized with local businesses and sponsors, which could be sold locally as a special edition gift item.


Mekanic was tasked with creating a board game experience that felt curated by the Chamber and represented the diversity of the Alexandria community. We created a lockup that captures the whimsical spirit of the game that uses a similar typographic treatment as The Chamber ALX logo. Our team introduced a color palette that adds vibrancy and variety across the set of branded materials.


Mekanic customized the gameboard, box, and playing materials—including unique versions of the “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards—to celebrate Alexandria’s traditions, landmarks, and history. The custom illustrations used as a base for the design were courtesy of The Chamber ALX through a commission with an illustrator for a previous project.