USApple Heroes

Day in the Life “USApple Superheroes”

The USApple Association has many members that do amazing work, continuously delivering quality apples throughout the country. To honor a few of these individuals, we created comic book-like, “day in the life” storylines highlighting their roles in the industry.

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To bring these stories to life, we interviewed a handful of members to gather detailed information on what their roles are within the industry. Each illustration shows them showcasing their role using their superpower. We also added subtle animations to really draw attention to their powers: flying, teleportation, super speed, x-ray vision, force fields, super stretching, and removing all oxygen from a space.


From planting to growing, and packing to processing to shipping, the expertise required to make apples available anywhere, anytime of year is a superhuman feat. We designed and animated a team of superheroes—The A-Team—who represent different member roles across the industry and use various technologies across the supply chain to bring apples to consumers around the country. We named each hero based on their superpowers, which were inspired by their role and the specialized technologies they use. The superpowers help make the details of the apple supply chain more understandable and exciting for a wider audience.