USApple Economic Impact

The Apple Industry’s Economic Impact

The USApple Association engages a range of audiences to promote and advocate for the industry behind America’s favorite fruit. Whether meeting with Congressional staffers in support of agricultural labor reform or promoting member businesses on social media, USApple needed an efficient, digestible, and visually exciting way to show how apple businesses across the supply chain generate jobs and billions of dollars for the American economy each year.

Services Rendered

Digital Strategy

Brand Marketing

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We started with some of the most impressive data points that truly illustrate the value of the industry and its role within a particular state’s economy. We sourced contextualizing comparisons for significant measurements, sales figures, and other highlights, then mapped out how each state’s unique identity could pair with the signature USApple brand style.


We designed colorful, modular one-pagers for print and digital sharing with policymakers and staffers. Each state has a different version of a primary layout designed for quick, distracted readers. Fun facts help make abstract dollar figures more concrete and images of recognizable places across each state help readers absorb and remember information more effectively.
For social media, we developed animated carousels and a playful campaign name called “Juicy Details” for members and USApple’s follower audience, rather than policymakers. Each carousel brings key state stats to life state-specific images, references, and fun facts. These posts brought the details from the one-pagers into a more playful, interactive medium.