Justine Cloughtery


About Justine

Justine’s academic and professional experiences qualify her as an expert in the collection, organization, analysis, and dissemination of information. Cooperative, curious, and team-oriented, Justine loves collaborating with others to co-create innovative business strategies and implement creative solutions to complex problems. Justine thrives while finding connections, whether between variables or between people. She is skilled at analyzing the rhetorical effects of language and the nuances inherent in all communication. A meticulous person, Justine is skilled at examining small details—whether qualitative linguistic data or quantitative data—and analyzing how each piece relates to larger patterns to help clients reach their goals. As an experienced researcher, educator, and analyst, Justine leverages her analytical skills, her interpersonal experiences, and human-centered methodologies to lead efforts to craft authentic and ownable stories and messaging for businesses. She collaborates with her clients and colleagues to weave creative thoughts and ideas into the tangible tapestry of a brand’s narrative.

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