CAREFUL. You may be on the verge of a brand breakdown.

When a brand loses impact in its market, it happens over time with normal wear and tear. You may not see things deteriorate, but you feel the drag.


Let Mekanic check under your hood and offer our 5 Point Brand Inspection. Our assessment includes a brand health rating in 5 categories, an overall score, and recommendations on how to upgrade performance.


Your time investment is minimal. We’ll ask you to complete a worksheet and then look at your brand’s digital presence to evaluate the following:


Purpose – the value your brand provides

Differentiator – the distinction of your brand from its competitors

Messaging – the story that drives audience affiliation and activation

Design – the visual expression of your brand

Offerings – the products, services, benefits and advantages your audiences enjoy


In 72 hours, our team of brand mekanics will carefully consider your audiences and look to see if your brand system is clear, compelling and cohesive. As areas surface that need brand attention, we’ll provide recommendations on how to make improvements – at no charge, and with no commitment.


Don’t neglect your brand. Take advantage of this first come, first served offer.


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