LOR Foundation

LOR Foundation

The Mekanic team has partnered with LOR since it was founded in 2015. The private foundation is a place-based organization that supports projects to enhance livability in rural communities of the Mountain West. In the past, LOR has funded initiatives to protect water sources, create workforce development programs, and restore biking and walking trails.


Each time LOR moves into a new rural town, we work with LOR’s team to raise awareness of the foundation throughout the community with paid media, event experiences, and social media. As LOR began entering more communities, its brand identity needed a more cohesive aesthetic and message that could span a range of locations and project types. To support the next venture in LOR’s brand lifecycle, the Mekanic team recently performed a brand audit.


From the brand audit, we refreshed the brand system and established a blueprint for more event-focused campaigns with custom illustrations and photography.


We created custom icons for the eight elements of livability that inspire LOR’s grantmaking initiatives and describe the types of projects LOR helps to fund.


To convey an authentic visual message that speaks to each community that LOR works in, we crafted a collection of illustrated graphics to demonstrate scenarios where LOR can help local communities. Then, we customized those illustrations to reflect the different localities where LOR is present. To drive more awareness, we helped the internal team strategize and design a brand ambassador program that encourages local photographers to submit collections for publication on the LOR website. We established photography guidelines for the specific type of imagery LOR uses and helped external stakeholders better understand how to represent the LOR brand with confidence.


Though COVID-19 has limited in-person gatherings in 2020, Mekanic has continued working with LOR and advising their video production partners on best practices to ensure the brand visual identity and message are properly captured in video projects.